Third World Books Book Distribution 2014-15

GOAL: Supporting existing partnerships, rekindling some old relationships, exploring new opportunities in a meaningful, reliable and economical way.

Better World Books suggested by Bill Rubin, Bob’s son in law – 50 cartons books

CAMO Literacy Program has established libraries in 10 rural schools in Honduras, a collaborative effort of Global Mission Action Group St Paul’s Church, Central American Medical Outreach, and Third World Books. Ann Farmer is CAMO Literacy Committee Chair – 625 Spanish books and 5 memorial bookcases were sent both fall 2014 and also fall of 2015 for a total of 10 schools and 1250 books. In addition 30 books were sent to the CAMO Day Care in 2015.

LFL Cleveland Movement – In May 2015 alone, over 300 boxes of books were donated by TWB when Samsels warehouse space with the Jesuits was closed.

Bob Cheshier Memorial Little Free Library (LFL) on the grounds of St. Paul’s Cleveland Hts. The Bob Cheshier memorial LFL was purchased and installed by TWB and stocked by LFL Steward and TWB Board Secretary Nancy Sherwin

Disciples Christian Church Little Free Library Cleveland Hts. Which houses the Heights Emergency Food Center – Over 600 books were taken by TWB Board member Ann Farmer.

Dr. Ranulfo Castro School Chalchuapa El Salvador, a Task Force Northstar Project of US Military and El Salvadoran Military. TWB in collaboration with Armed Services Outreach St Paul’s Church, sent  to TSGT John Waizmann, School addition Project Director  2 boxes school supplies, 36 Spanish children’s books .

Episcopal Schools in El Salvador, TWB in collaboration with Los Amigos Episcopales, Episcopal Church Women, TELA Women, St Frances Community Services, and the Bishop of El Salvador 25 children’s books were displayed at General Convention of the Episcopal Church and transported to two Episcopal Schools in El Salvador. Also 25 additional books were taken fall 2015

Centre d’Estudes Collegialesa Chibougamau Quebec –  Dr. Mark Curley, professor and member of St. Paul’s Church, selected and transported 9 boxes of books. This was a continued relationship.

Reach Out and Read Program Metro Health Hospital Cleveland – this is a continued relationship. 175 books were delivered to Metro Child Life Program December 2015 by Ann Farmer.

Cleveland Christian Home Residential Treatment Library Cleveland– this relationship originally started by Bob Cheshier and Ann Farmer was re-kindled by Ann Farmer and Nancy Sherwin who made a site visit and discussed needs with staff. A requested magazine subscription was ordered as a start. A new book for each adolescent boy resident being discharged is planned.