Dear Friends of Third World Books,                                                                                                                        

The Trustees of Third World Books (TWB) is pleased to share with you that in spite of the pandemic, we were able to distribute 1567 books globally during the first 3 months of 2020.  We continue to maintain our founder Bob Cheshier’s commitment to literacy with meaningful, manageable literacy programs locally and globally.  TWB remains an all-volunteer organization with no rent, salaries or overhead.  100% of our limited budget is used for books, related supplies and expenses.   Will Cheshier continues to do design for printing. As always, we thank you for your past support and hope it will continue.

TWB continues to communicate and collaborate globally with organizations in Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Russia, Kenya and Haiti, all of which were severely affected by COVID-19.

In Honduras, the CAMO Literacy Program, our primary focus, successfully held 3 days of in-service education for 30 teachers, led by a bilingual American professor on curriculum planning & use of textbooks as reference. TWB in collaboration with Central American Medical Outreach (CAMO) and Global Mission Action Group at St. Paul’s Cleveland Hts., provided 1420 second grade textbooks for 4 basic subjects.  CAMO staff remains in weekly phone contact with these teachers who are teaching from their homes.  Funds are urgently needed to purchase textbooks for grades 3 & 4 prior to schools re-opening.  Our goal is to add textbooks for two grades per year for 13 remote rural schools. Most of the parents of the students are illiterate.

In Kenya, Bill Bauer’s widow, Victoria Bauer, visited Molibany School in February & delivered Atlases for 3 grade levels.  TWB also purchased 2 metal bookcases for the school.  After receiving the memorial textbooks for grades 4-8 in 2018, a record 100% of the students transitioned to secondary school in 2019!

Also, TWB purchased requested books for schools in El Salvador, Haiti, & Mexico.

Locally, TWB continues to support the Little Free Libraries (LFL) which have had increased importance while the public libraries have been closed due to COVID-19.  TWB purchased the requested 20 picture and teen bibles and 2 copies of a LeBron James book, and provided Highlights and Sports Illustrated Kids for the boys in the residential treatment center, Cleveland Christian Home. Sadly, at Metro Health, COVID-19 guidelines prevented distribution of gently used Board Books provided by TWB for their Reach-Out-&-Read program.

Please consider continuing your support of the positive work of Third World Books. For additional information contact us through our contact form.